Easily How to Best Use Twitter in 2012

Here is a tutorial how to use Twitter, as well as tips and tricks to use twitter. The easiest way to use Twitter is to know what's Twitter? and symbols as well as the terms on Twitter. These tips definitely not for those who have advanced, these tips for you who may have recently come into contact with social networking on this one, probably because it was busy, yet the mood, and so on.

Twitter is not much different from Facebook and social networking sites (Social network) other, which aims to share information for all. On Twitter we can only make the status of as many as 140 characters, so it must be smart to select a word, it's good which is important in the short and easy to understand.

Above is a picture of how to use twitter or twitter how to play.
1. The place to write Tweets (twitter status updates).
2. Twitter is useful as navigational tools to go to the Home page, Profile, Find People (looking for a friend), Setting (edit profile, etc.), Help (assistance), Sign Out (Out of Twitter).
3. Tweets is the last time in writing.
4. Updates function button to update your Tweets, type anything in the column No. 1 (as shown above) and click the Updates button, after that your Tweets will be updated.
5. Update Tweets from your Followers wakeful. Homemaking top position based on Tweets, meaning he was the latest peeling in updating his tweets.
6. Twitter ID name you use. Tweets ID is useful as your identity in the world of Twitter.
7. Following is a statement of the amount, followers, and updates. Following a Twitter user who has you Follow (ask a friend) who has been responding well or not. While Twitter Followers are users that require you to have your friends and make friends.
8. Direct Massage: as a place to know of any incoming messages in our inbox.
9. Search box allows you to search for Tweets topics that you want.
10. Trending Topics is a topic that is being Popular Tweets when uni. Jade topic will always be changing.

For those who are new to Twitter, there are terms that must be understood. Tweet is the name for the site for twitter. There is also a term or tweep tweeple, the intention is Twitter users.

Follower: are people who follow us and they will receive any status updates that we do. Almost the same as the status on Facebook. Following: mean people we follow, and we will receive every status update that he did.

Reply: reply. To do the replies, simply click 'Reply' which is located just below the charging box tweet. This means that we will retaliate or respond to the status of the person.

ReTweet: tweeted the status of others or publish status of that person in our status. This is done with a variety of reasons as possible to comment on their status, or simply re-publish status because of their status or inspire interesting and useful for our follower.

Direct Message: often called DM, is a personal message, like a message in Facebook. This message is not publicized in the timeline (if wall on Facebook), so only we are able to read it.

Trending Topic: topic / issue that again is hot or warm and busy talking people.

Favorites: used to store a specific tweet that you want (because we like of course).

Symbols in Twitter

@ Is the symbol that was written before the names of other users that tweet is entered by the user received it or to share our status on the user name that we give the symbol. You can take the initiative to use this symbol on a friend, partner, or even flower our colleagues, so they will accept our tweet. This symbol also automatically be used if you are going to reply tweet someone.

# (Called a hash tag) is a symbol that is written in front of a particular topic so other users can look for similar topics written by other people.

RT is a symbol for the term ReTweet. By using the symbol re-tweet RT liberationists publish others in our own profile and is usually followed by the name of the person making the first tweet. To perform a retweet, a very simple way. Under each person's tweet, there must be a ReTweet button. Well, just click the button, then tweet will automatically appear in your profile, with the format RT @ Emiline_tweet [content tweet].

In addition, you also can use the RT when commenting on a person's tweet. In this case, you use RT to remind that the remark was related to RT your tweet.

OH (short Overheard) is a symbol that we use to write other people's tweets on our status but we do not want to specify who wrote it. Thus, OH equal to RT, the authors included not only his tweet. OH is written in front of the tweet that we want to enter.

HT (short Heard Through) is a symbol that we use to write tweets based on something that we hear in real life. HT is written in front of the tweet that we want to be included.

How to Add Friends / Find Friends on Twitter

How to find and locate your account and follow friends on Twitter (follow). The trick is to: click Find People. There are four options, Suggestions Browse (see suggestions Twitter about a famous person, expert or experts in the field that we like, for instance Entertainment), Find Friends (find friends or contacts in an email that has been using Twitter to give Twitter access to Gmail, Yahoo or aol ours), Invite by email (invite friends to Twitter using their e-mail), and the Find on Twitter (find people, organizations or companies that are already on Twitter by using the user name (user name) they are). Then click Search to start your search.