Targus Versavu Cover and Stand for iPad 2

Although the tablet itself was released in March alone, there are plenty of IPAD 2 cases of protection to choose now. Targus is hoping to stand out from the crowd with the swivel 360 degrees VersaVU cover and support. This is the practice in the examination.

Ipad 2 Cases

This case from Targus is a more robust portfolio. Only a covered throughout the case, you can see in the image of the face, to show the Apple logo signature. When opened, the case highlights a soft line on one side panel not only helps prevent scratches and like the color screen of 9.7 inches, but also houses two peaks to shore up the IPAD 2 Cases above. (More on that later.)

On the opposite side is an adjustable plastic frame designed specifically for the IPAD 2. The tablet clips here quite easily. It is also designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees so users can switch between landscape and portrait mode when you want. However, I found that while the IPAD two get stuck in when used with care, not exactly screwed in. So, if you turn too fast, you might find your iPad flying through the air, definitely not is good.

Speaking to switch between viewing angles, where the ridges equipped to play again. The case also serves as a base, which is very useful for watching videos when resting on the table attached to the seat in front of you on an airplane. When I tried it with my own IPAD 2, I found the stand to be sufficiently robust and reliable. No wobble at all.

Of course, you still want to be a little soft on IPAD and support as nothing is perfect, but this position would help out when users want to watch videos, conduct presentations or just do something to sail and work without having to hold the device. The iPad 2 case magnet cover and support for the IPAD 2 is available for $ 59.99. Certainly expensive for a IPAD two cases, but is perfect for business travelers with its sophisticated exterior design, the strong protective outer dual functionality.